Saturday, September 19, 2009

When Your Old Stalker Finds You On Facebook by Lyla Sinclair

My author pal, Lyla Sinclair added a humorous post on her blog. Enjoy! When Your Old Stalker Finds You On Facebook

Check out her latest release, Checking Out Audrey at Ellora's Cave.


Lyla Sinclair said...

Wow, thanks for showing my book, Debra!

I downloaded your book "Restraint" and was really enjoying reading it to page thirty-something. Then people showed up and I couldn't read any more. Today, I have family all over me and a guest coming tonight.

Very frustrating! I keep wishing they'd go to a movie or something so I can go back to having a little Restraint!

Debra Glass said...

You're welcome and thanks for picking up a copy of Restraint. I hope you enjoy it.