Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ellora's Cavemen Flavors of Ecstasy I Available March 20

Ellora's Cavemen Flavors of Ecstasy I featuring Extra Sensual Perception by Debra Glass will be released March 20, 2009 (ISBN: 9781419917738)
Other authors featured in the anthology are: Cindy Spencer Pape, Desiree Holt, Kristin Daniels, Solange Ayre, and Talya Bosco.
Extra Sensual Perception
When Iris Thompson is asked to use her psychic skills to help solve a string of recent deaths, she’s not surprised when her powerful intuition points to a serial killer, all evidence to the contrary. But she is surprised that, though there have been only three deaths, she psychically intuits four names.

Even more shocking are her erotic trances featuring the tall, dark and handsome fourth man, known only as Peyton. As the images grow more intense, more personal, Iris has precious little time to discover if her extra-sensual perceptions are leading her to a victim—or a future with the man of her dreams.

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